Leaked correspondence reveals chaotic oil sector work in Libya

Clear confusion has been depicted at the oil sector in Libya after the creation of the Ministry of Oil in the Government of National Unity in conjunction with the existence of the National Oil Corporation.

The general scene suggests that there is no coordination between the ministry, led by Muhammad Oun, and Mustafa Sanallah, Chairman of the National Oil Corporation. Observers believe that the sector is experiencing a tangible administrative chaos.

In the same context, Oun suspended a few days ago the foundation’s procedure for establishing a medical clinic for the sector’s employees in Benghazi, justifying that, the construction contract was carried out by direct assignment, which caused a general dissatisfaction among the users.

Observers believe that the movements of “Oun”, who assumed his duties on March 23, are slow. More than half a month has passed since he assumed the leadership of the ministry, without taking clear measures in the sector, and he did not make field visits to operating sites or companies.

Oun asked Sanalla in a letter circulated on social media to prepare and submit any information related to “Libyan-Turkish” cooperation in the sector of oil, as the minister is preparing, according to the letter, for a work visit to Turkey, which is an indication that the Ministry of oil does not have any database until now.

And in other communications; “Sanalla” called for the ministry to intervene and follow up and implement the decision to increase the salaries of employees by 67% issued in 2013, and “Sanalla” called on the ministry to find funding sources for the construction of the National Oil Corporation building in Benghazi.

Observers explained the chain of correspondence between the NOC and the Ministry; came in the context of the strife and the state of lack of interest, as “Oun and Sanalla” did not meet, until the moment, despite the closeness of the headquarters of the two institutions in Tripoli, as the closest meeting was between them instead of leaking correspondence through the communication sites.


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