“Pro-Ankara” mercenaries open investment projects in Syria after returning from Libya

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on the money that the Syrian mercenaries received from Turkey in Libya and Azerbaijan, which enabled them to establish small investment projects after their return to Syria, to improve their living conditions.

The report indicated that many mercenaries, after returning from the fighting in Libya, went to open investment projects to overcome the difficulties of life in Syria, and some of them retired from armed action within those factions and decided to turn to private business.

The report talked about one of the fighters that Turkey had recruited and made them mercenaries to fight in Libya, where he opened a swimming pool with one of his friends with a contribution estimated at 10.000 US dollars, and the amount was what he received from fighting against the Libyan National Army, for a period of 6 months within the “Hamza Division” faction.

The report cited many examples of Syrian mercenaries who returned thousands of dollars from Libya, and opened small projects to support their families affected by the internal displacement they were subjected to as a result of the 10-year-old war between the Syrian regime and all kinds of armed factions, as Turkey exploited the needs of the members of these factions and the deterioration of their living conditions by re-recruiting them to their advantage and send them to fuel the wars in Libya and Azerbaijan.


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