Clashes in Sirte after assaulting a resident and stealing his car

A number of armed persons assaulted a man in front of his house and his family in the suburbs of Sirte, and the victim was seriously injured, before the gunmen stole the victim’s car and fled.

A source stated that the car was tracked through a system and was located in the vicinity of the Libyan Red Crescent, the Sirte branch, next to the youth hostel headquarters and opposite the education headquarters, as well as the Uqba bin Nafi Al-Muttalat high school on the seashore road.

During the raid on the site, the arrest squad responded with bullets, and the response was reciprocated from the arresting force, and in the end the car was returned and the entire group was arrested.

It is noteworthy that the youth hostel headquarters is where a battalion from Warshafana is stationed, and it had previously witnessed a clash nearly two months ago, in which a car was burned and a shell fell on it.

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