Al-Bilad program reveals details about Dbeibah’s contract with US lobbying firm

“Al-Bilad” program discussed on Saturday the Libyan prime minister’s contract with the lobbying group in the United States, how the Security Council’s decisions will affect the course of the December 24 elections, and whether the constitutional rule has been completed by the Legal Committee at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum.

Constitutional Basis 

The member of the Legal Committee at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, Zahra Langi, pointed out: in her intervention on “Al-Bilad” program Saturday, two Security Council resolutions (25-70) that will set the scene for the coming period, especially for the obstructors, these decisions are very important because they emphasize on the roadmap emanating from the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum.

“It is the adoption of this roadmap, and we were waiting for the Security Council resolution that was adopted unanimously (25-70), which relates to the political process and resolution (25-71) relates to the Sanctions Committee.

Langi said the resolution includes welcoming the selection of the Presidential Council and a government of national unity as a temporary executive authority. The basis for this decision is that it adopts the roadmap, which means strengthening political legitimacy through national elections (parliamentary and presidential), on a constitutional basis.

“Accordingly, one of the merits of the roadmap is the unification of the executive authority, which happened as a result of its restructuring and their selection for a preliminary stage whose mission is limited to three things: providing liquidity and basic services, confronting the Coronavirus, and preparing for general elections.” She added.

A member of the Legal Committee at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum emphasized that there are gaps in the roadmap, and therefore we do not need many explanations about the roadmap that may lead to problems and abort the entire political process. Consequently, this will affect the security and military track (5+5) Joint Military Commission .

Langi explained that the legal committee has completed the constitutional rule, with disagreements regarding the issue of the presidential elections (direct or indirect).

Langi added: “In our next session broadcast live, the title will be (elections first). Certainly, there are obstacles trying to focus on the referendum on the constitution first, while trying to obstruct consensus on the constitutional base. With Security Council Resolution (25-70) resolving the matter, the presidential elections will be direct by the people. In the reasons for this decision, a reminder of the seventh item, which means the threat to international peace and security and when we talk about a political process, it is usually under the sixth item, but in this resolution, which talks about the political process, it was mentioned that, based on Article 07, which means any obstruction to the political process, it is subject to sanctions by the Security Council. Here, we note the link between the political process and the security situation.


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