Preventing a plane to land at Benina Airport cancels GNU meeting in Benghazi

A source told 218News that a plane carrying groups of guards of ministers in the Government of National Unity was prevented from landing at Benina International Airport on Sunday evening, claiming that they do not have special permits.

The source indicated that the plane returned to the city of Tripoli after it was informed of the refusal to land at Benina International Airport.

The source added that a group of ministers remained in the VIP lounge at Mitiga International Airport in Tripoli, waiting to go to Benghazi.

After a short time, the source confirmed to “218News” that all the ministers left Mitiga International Airport, and the meeting that was scheduled to be held on Tuesday in the city of Benghazi was canceled.

It is noteworthy that a number of ministers of the National Unity Government visited the city of Benghazi during the past days, the last of which was the Minister of Housing and Construction Abu Bakr Muhammad al-Ghawi, and the Minister of State for Displaced Affairs and Human Rights Ahmed Faraj Abu Khuzam.

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