Egypt: 10 individuals charged for communication with “ISIS in Libya”

The Court of First Instance is considering terrorism cases at the Criminal Court in Toura, for the trial and verdict of 10 accused persons in the case of “communication with ISIS in Libya.”

Earlier, the former Public Prosecutor ordered the defendants to be referred to the Supreme State Security Criminal Court, in a decision issued in August 2019, after the end of the investigations with them, where one accused was transferred and the rest were fugitives.

The investigations revealed that the defendants had committed the crime of communicating with the terrorist group ISIS, its deterrent force brigades, and those working for it in the state of Libya, with the aim of committing terrorist crimes against the Egyptian citizens residing there.

Investigations also indicated the kidnapping and physical torture of Egyptian citizens, in order to obtain from their relatives ransom money for their release, in addition to their commission of crimes of providing the terrorist group with information, human trafficking and smuggling of illegal immigrants.

The Supreme State Security Prosecution, under the supervision of Counselor Khaled Dia Al-Din, the first attorney general, began investigations into the findings of the National Security Agency that the accused, “Muhammad R.A.”, undertook work in the field of illegal immigration, in agreement with some of the Bedouin individuals based on the infiltration of immigrants.

The illegal immigrants crossed the western borders of the country, to Libya, in addition to his communication with the ISIS terrorist operatives and the commander of the Deterrence Force Brigades, who are the accused Libyans: namely: Emad Ahmed Al-Warfali, Miftah Ahmed Al-Warfali and Marwan Al-Gharib to provide them with information from inside the country regarding Egyptians traveling and residing in the state of Libya.

The investigations of the Egyptian Supreme State Security Prosecution also revealed, through the confession of the accused “Muhammad R.”, the authorized audio recordings, and the testimony of the victims and their families, that he went to Libya to work, and his association after the outbreak of events in Libya with the Libyan accused elements of the terrorist organization ISIS, and his agreement with them on one of the Egyptian citizens was kidnapped to obtain a large ransom.

The investigations confirmed that the accused managed, in agreement with the Libyan elements, to kidnap 14 other Egyptians in early 2017, and the organization members tortured them and threatened to kill their relatives in order to force them to pay the ransom payments, and as a result of these terrorist acts, the victim Mohammad Jad El-Sherbiny was killed.


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