Dbeibah greets Benghazi citizens and vows to visit soon

The Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, described Benghazi as the homeland’s wing that Libya would not fly without it.

Dbeibah explained, in a speech Tuesday, that he greets Libyans “in our dear city, Benghazi, and tell them that we will visit them soon,” stressing that Benghazi lives in the hearts of all Libyans.

The Prime Minister emphasized the distribution of the planned increases for the basic pensions for the months of “January, February and March” to all those eligible, and the liquidation of one billion and seventy-five million dinars to distribute the allowances of “the wife and children grant”.

In his speech during the ministerial meeting, the Prime Minister indicated that the government has overcome the crisis of port closures, by saying: “We have overcome the crisis of closing oil ports, and we have urgently allocated the necessary sums to the National Oil Corporation, in order to be able to pay the obligations to Sirte and the Arabian Gulf companies, and to address the technical problems.”

Dbeibah announced that the Ramadan gift had been delivered to the account of “107” citizens of the targeted families, listed from the Social Solidarity Fund.

On Coronavirus, the Prime Minister confirmed that more than “400.000” Coronavirus vaccines have been supplied, and “60.000” citizens have been vaccinated so far.

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