LNA welcomes holding Unity Government meetings in areas under its security

The General Command of the Libyan National Army announced, on Tuesday, that it welcomed the holding of a meeting of the national unity government in any of the areas it secures, especially the city of Benghazi.

The General Command said in a statement that its welcome to hold the meeting comes despite the fact that it has no link with the unity government, “whether it is a sovereign or service link or even at the level of communication.”

The General Command confirmed that if the government decided to hold the meeting, it must coordinate with the Ministry of Interior and its agencies in the city of Benghazi for protection and insurance and not to transfer elements from other cities controlled by armed groups and security chaos.

The General Command warned “all those who want to exploit the situation and developments on the Libyan scene to pass their tricks in order to destabilize the stability and security that the areas secure by the General Command enjoy by sending terrorists and criminal militias wanted for justice, as well as smuggling weapons and ammunition under any pretext.”

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