Bugaighis reveals most important points of constitutional basis draft

The Legal Committee at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) finished its work on the constitutional basis, and the UN envoy to Libya Jan Kubis had referred the outcome to the LPDF.

A member of the legal committee, lawyer Amal Bugaighis, explained that the constitutional basis is to amend the constitutional declaration, and to postpone the referendum on the draft constitution now.

She added that the new elected authority will work to form a committee for constitutional amendments to work on contentious materials in cooperation with the Constitution Drafting Assembly.

Bugaighis indicated that the new parliament is proposing the amendment of the constitutional declaration to a referendum, and that the parliament will have a term of four years, during which the referendum process will be completed, and she added that the mechanism for electing the president and the constitutional oath formula was referred to the LPDF for consideration.

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