Al-Koni: We’ve achieved many goals, awaiting unification of “military, financial institutions”

The Deputy Head of the Presidential Council, Mossa Al-Koni, affirmed that holding elections on December 24th is the supreme goal that all Libyans should strive for.

Al-Koni explained during the press conference held Wednesday in the capital, Tripoli, that “organizing general elections is our biggest challenge, and that the people’s requirements are impossible to fully achieve during this period,” indicating that the executive authority will achieve a lot in the coming months, according to what was reported by Libyan News Agency.

Al-Koni announced that he and a number of members of the government will go to the Libyan southern region to meet with the military leaders in there, in continuation of the work and efforts he started to unify the military establishment as it represents the biggest challenge in laying solid foundations to reach a united Libya, stressing that by uniting the Libyan forces in the south, the southern Libyan borders will be protected and secured, as well as will be established to unify the Libyan army throughout the country, adding that this will also be the nucleus of a unified Libyan army.

Al-Koni stressed that Libya will not be safe from what happened in Chad except by unifying the Libyan army, stressing: “We have accomplished a lot in the file of unifying state institutions and we are awaiting the unification of the military and financial institutions.”

He warned that “the warring parties still have their hands on the trigger despite the actions of the Joint Libyan Military Commission,” praising at the same time the commission’s work and its success in stabilizing the ceasefire and building confidence among all parties, in addition to exchanging detainees, hoping that their efforts to reopen the road will pay off.

Al-Koni referred to the multiple visits made by the Presidential Council abroad, stressing that they are open to all parties and obligated to communicate with countries that are involved in the Libyan issue.

Al-Koni explained that overseas communications were aimed to help Libya unify its institutions and implement the desired results, which is holding general elections on December 24th, 2021.

He also reaffirmed the Presidential Council’s support for the Government of National Unity in performing its tasks during this short period, especially in alleviating the current crises experienced by Libyans.


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