Military incitement against Presidential Council, Foreign Minister, amid calls for moving HQ to Sirte

The spokesperson of the Presidential Council, Najwa Wahiba, denied the storming of the headquarters of the Presidential Council in the capital, Tripoli, calling on everyone to investigate the accuracy of the information from its sources.

Wahiba explained, “Last night, it was a storming of a hotel, not the headquarters of the Presidential Council, which does not yet have a permanent headquarters for the meetings, but rather it is one of the headquarters in which the council meets.”

The spokesperson for the Presidential Council added, “Today is a weekly holiday, not a working day, and no one was harmed, and we hope that everyone will investigate the information from its sources.”

Videos, released late last night, showed armed groups threatening to storm the headquarters of the Presidential Council.

These events coincided with the incitement against the Libyan Foreign Minister Najla Al-Mangoush, due to her call to expel all mercenaries and foreign forces from Libya.

Al-Sadiq al-Ghariani had called for the foreign minister to be fought and removed from her post, after she renewed her call for the need to implement the conclusions of the Berlin Conference.

For his part, a member of Parliament, Saeed Amgheib, commented on what the capital witnessed, saying: “We confirmed that the Turkish Foreign Minister’s speech yesterday was nothing but an incitement to the militias to move quickly to control the PPresidential Council or to torpedo the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum agreement so that their presence continues.”

Amal Bugaighis, a member of the legal committee at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum confirmed that Sirte should be the seat of government.

Bugaighis explained, by saying: “The seat of government is not overbearing, the truth is bright, do not make the government under the influence of the mob.”

A member of the Political Dialogue Committee, Umm al-Izz al-Farsi, said: “The armed pressure on the executive authority, in its two parts, calls for moving its headquarters to a safe place, and Sirte may now be the most suitable for all authorities to initiate their work with guarantees (5 + 5) …. The tampering that occurs, the evasion and the attempts to reconcile do not create a nation and do not give the authorities the ability to enforce policies that serve the interests of citizens.”


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