Amghayeb urges Dbeibah to clarify position on armed factions

The member of Parliament, Saeed Amghayeb, called for disapproving the budget for the Government of National Unity before knowing the Prime Minister’s position on what he described as “militias”, urging for their removal from Tripoli and the opening of all the roads the “militias” control.

Amghayeb said that the leaders of the “militias” entered a state of suspicious and strange silence, after the government gained confidence, in the city of Sirte, and only the statements of Minister of Foreign Affairs Najla Al-Mangoush removed them from that state, and then the decision of the Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammad Menfi, to appoint a new Chief of the General Intelligence Service.

Amghayeb concluded that the leaders of the “militias” were waiting to know the position of the Presidential Council and some government ministers, and they were waiting for the budget to be approved in order to return to their old habits of extorting ministers, intimidating and putting pressure on them under the legitimacy of the “revolutionaries narrative”, saying the first money to be stolen from the budget is the money they requested to reopen the coastal road.


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