New Intelligence Chief involved in fraud case worth 800 million dinars

The Head of the Audit Bureau, Khaled Shakshak, revealed that the new intelligence chief, Hussein Al-Aayeb, was involved with others in a fraud in the amount of 800 million dinars, calling on the Head and members of the Presidential Council to withdraw his mandate.

In a letter addressed to the Presidential Council, Shakashk said that the bureau had confirmed to him “Hussein Al-Ayeb’s involvement in his capacity as Chairman and General Manager of the International Development and Investment Company, contributing with others in the process of fraud and defrauding the Libyan state with the intention of obtaining contracts from the agency for the implementation of housing projects and utilities, whose value exceeds 800 million dinars for the Turkish Cengiz Construction, Trade and Industry Company in pursuit of personal benefits.”

Shakshak clarified that the Audit Bureau started the investigation of the case file on March 17, 2019 through the formation of a committee, and the Lawsuits Department was addressed to challenge the arbitration ruling issued in favor of Cengiz Company and attached all the documents evidencing this, and a copy of the file was referred to the Attorney General, according to a letter that includes all violations and supporting documents that prove Hussein Al-Ayeb’s involvement.

Shakshak indicated that “the process of corruption and fraud resulted in harm to the interests of the Libyan state,” calling for the withdrawal of the intelligence director’s appointment to preserve the interest of the Libyan state, especially that the State Lawsuits Department is conducting a case for the invalidity of the arbitration ruling before the Paris Court of Appeal, stressing that Hussein Al-Aayeb’s actions were the cause that made the Turkish Cengiz Construction, Trade and Industry company obtain this ruling.


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