Guterres: Number of mercenaries in Libya hasn’t decreased yet

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, revealed that Libya has not witnessed any decrease in the number of foreign fighters or their activities, especially in the center of the country.

In a report submitted this week to the Security Council, Guterres said that, despite the commitments made by the parties; air cargo activities continued with flights to various military bases in western and eastern regions of Libya, which indicates that these parties are not abiding by the agreements in Libya.

He also said that this means that they are obstructing any solution that requires removing the militants that are affecting the unification of the military establishment.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations renewed his call to Member States and actors at home, to put an end to violations of the arms embargo, and to facilitate the withdrawal of fighters and mercenaries.

In line with this report, sources confirmed to “218News”, in the past 24 hours, that 700 Syrian mercenaries in Tripoli had been transferred to Gaziantep, and other groups would be evacuated, in the coming days, according to the understandings between the Prime Minister and officials in Ankara.

The number of foreign soldiers and mercenaries in Libya, according to diplomats at the United Nations, is estimated at more than 20.000, including 13.000 Syrians and 11.000 Sudanese, in addition to hundreds of Turks and Russians.


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