Palestinian flag flies at Tripoli’s Martyrs Square

The General Services Company in Tripoli, the municipality of central Tripoli, the Tripoli Security Directorate and the people and residents of the city of Tripoli raised the flag of the State of Palestine in the center of Martyrs Square, in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

This comes at a time when the Palestinian people have been subjected to continuous aggression for days by the Israeli occupation forces, which resulted in hundreds of victims.

The House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee condemned the targeting of the Israeli occupation forces of populated neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

The committee condemned, in a statement, the Israeli occupation forces’ storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the brutal attacks against unarmed worshipers, considering this a stirring of the feelings of Muslims around the world, and a flagrant violation of human rights and international covenants, warning of the consequences of these attacks.


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