Al-Ghwail: Libya’s reconstruction will cost 600 billion dinars over 10 years

The Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Salama Al-Ghwail, revealed in an exclusive statement to 218News that Libya needs to spend 600 billion dinars on reconstruction over the next ten years.

Al-Ghwail indicated that the estimated cost of the wars on the Libyan economy amounted to $600 billion.

Regarding the reconstruction projects, the Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Salama Al-Ghuwail, explained that the Egyptian, Turkish, Italian, German and Tunisian companies are the most likely to participate in the reconstruction projects.

Al-Ghwail added that the reconstruction projects will provide 30% of job opportunities for the unemployed, according to the vacancies in reconstruction projects.

He also expected that the private sector will participate in the reconstruction by 60% and 40% for the public sector.


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