Libya and Tunisia: New era of bilateral relations and cooperation

The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah announced Saturday, the signing of a multi-clause agreement to facilitate trade and travel exchange between Libya and Tunisia.

Dbeibah said, during a joint press conference with Tunisian Prime Minister Hisham Al-Meshishi, that Libya will work continuously to activate joint agreements between Libya and Tunisia and resolve issues, praising the momentum witnessed by Libyan-Tunisian relations since the unity government assumed its duties.

He added that his government asked the Tunisian side to facilitate travel procedures and grant ownership to Libyans, and to return the funds confiscated from Libyans who had previously traveled to Tunisia, indicating that his discussions with his Tunisian counterpart dealt with dealing with the system of Libyans banned from entering Tunisia, and organizing the employment file through the Libyan-Tunisian Joint Committee, in addition to the strengthening of intra-trade with Tunisia and activating the transport of goods by land and sea.

Dbeibah pointed out that his government will send equipment and devices to hospitals in southern Tunisia to help them deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, stressing that “Libya has strong relations with Tunisia and we will not leave it alone in the face of its economic crisis.”

Meanwhile, Al-Meshishi stressed that the stability of Libya is an important factor in achieving stability in Tunisia, and said: “What unites Tunisia and Libya goes beyond the political and economic frameworks … and there are human ties rooted between the two countries,” adding that Tunisia sees Libya as an investment environment that encourages it to increase investments.

He also affirmed his country’s full readiness to review and resolve all problems between the two countries at all levels, stressing that Tunisia puts all its capabilities and expertise to help Libyans in all fields.

While Al-Meshishi valued the Libyan government’s serious preparations to stand by Tunisia to overcome its economic crisis, he affirmed that his country would work urgently to implement everything that facilitates the entry of Libyan citizens to Tunisia, explaining that Tunisia has facilitated residential ownership of Libyans.

At the end of his speech, the Tunisian Prime Minister thanked the Libyan authorities for solving the problems of Tunisian employment in Libya, and opening the way for Tunisian companies.


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