Norland: Washington to support Libya in removing foreign fighters

The US ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, confirmed in statements to “Extra News” that the role of foreign fighters in Libya must end, and that his country will provide support for the Libyan insistence to remove foreign fighters from the country.

Norland added that supporting the Libyan economy depends on a strong government that can manage its resources, commenting that diplomatic and political support must be provided for all efforts made by the Libyans.

The US ambassador explained that he found Tripoli a lively and calm city, after things returned to normal, pointing out that Egypt opened its embassy in Tripoli, and there are many opportunities to work with its partners inside Libya, adding that his country is seeking to open its embassy in Tripoli in the coming period.

The US sepcial envoy and ambassador to Libya indicated that the frozen Libyan funds are awaiting their release, and they will provide political support, stressing that the Libyans want to end power outages and control of the Coronavirus pandemic, saying there are expectations that the government will provide services because Libya is a country that is rich in natural resources, with $45 billion frozen assets, awaiting release.

Norland concluded his statements by discussing with Aguila Saleh, the constitutional and legal basis for the elections scheduled for December 24th.


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