International Follow-up Committee urges HoR to enact electoral legislation, adopt constitutional basis

On Wednesday, the International Follow-up Committee on Libya called on the House of Representatives to clarify the constitutional basis for elections, enact the necessary electoral legislation, and adopt the unified budget to enable the unity government to provide basic services such as electricity and combat the Coronavirus pandemic.

The committee also called on the local and foreign parties to start the full implementation of the ceasefire agreement, by withdrawing all foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya without delay.

It called on “all local parties to refrain from any actions that would obstruct the work of the interim government throughout the country and disrupt the political process.”

It also urged “the authorities, institutions, society and the media to create the appropriate conditions to achieve full, effective and meaningful participation of women in the democratic transition process, elections and national reconciliation, and in the country’s economic and social life.”

It praised the “first steps of the Presidential Council towards comprehensive national reconciliation based on rights and transitional justice, which are also important to create the conditions for holding comprehensive national elections in December freely, fairly and securely and to accept their results.”


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