Akar received by Turks only at Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport

The scene of the landing of the civilian plane, which was carrying the Turkish Minister of Defense, Hulusi Akar, at Mitiga International Airport in the capital, Tripoli, attracted the attention of Libyans, and it came to the minds of many that this base is a piece of land located in the geography of Turkey, and not in the geography of Libya sprawling on the coast Mediterranean sea.

The scene of receiving “Akar” in Mitiga was completely devoid of the presence of any Libyan figure, whether from the National Unity Government, the Presidential Council, or even the armed personalities who are still present within the military track in the Libyan West, and who owe loyalty to Turkey.

As soon as Akar landed at the Mitiga base; Turkish military figures, who greeted him warmly, transported him in a car bearing the Turkish flag to the military operations headquarters established by Turkey after a quick approval from the Special Deterrence Force, which coordinated, more than once, Turkish military visits, and even concerts to entertain those sent by the Turkish regime to Tripoli .

There was no Libyan at Akar’s reception; Libya was not represented except in its soil, in a clear reflection of the state of security chaos, which disrupted the course of life in general.

Arriving at Mitiga, this time; was bolder than previous times, and made the national unity government embarrassed in dealing with the Turkish military presence, which brought thousands of mercenaries of Syrian nationality, and supported dozens of armed formations, which are still a major cause of the deterioration of the security situation, and the last example is what happened in Al-Ajilat at dawn on Friday.

Two armed formations, the first led by Mohammad Bahrun, nicknamed “Al-Far”, who is wanted by the Public Prosecutor in the case of facilitating the movement of “ISIS” elements in the city of Sabratha, and the second led by Mohammad Baraka known as “Al-Shalfouh”, who is after revenge due to the burning of his entire family’s homes.

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