Expected improvement in Libya’s electricity after Algerian supply deal

A remarkable activity is being recorded by the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) these days, within the framework of maintaining network infrastructure and power plants, as some international agreements have entered into force, including the one with Algeria signed in late May by the Businessmen Council.

In a statement by the head of the Algerian state-owned company, Sonelgaz, Chahid Boulkhras, he told Al-Nahar newspaper, his administration is preparing to supply Libya with 256 megawatts, and the implementation of the plan will start this summer, while the service will include accompanying measures, most notably the rehabilitation of power transmission networks, and maintenance of generation stations, including spare parts.

Observers described the Algerian experience in the field of energy inside Libya as “successful”, after a technical team managed, last November, to repair the Al-Khums plant, and to connect two of its units to the general network.

According to the statement of, there are agreements for training and development of Libyan technical staff, and it is expected to conclude new partnership contracts in the field of energy, during the coming period.

Regarding the gas station Misurata; the General Electricity Company announced the start of the consortium formed between the Turkish “ANKA” companies and the German “Siemens”; work on the power station, which is expected to enter the general network before the summer of 2022, with a generating capacity of 650 megawatts.

During the past days, the hours of load shedding recorded a gradual increase compared to the beginning of this month, until it reached six hours.

This came according to data published by the GECOL, amid dismay by people because of the continuing power outage crisis, despite spending billions in the past years.

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