Langi: UNSMIL presidency made room for spoilers

Member of the Dialogue Forum, Zahra Langi, said that the demand of the members of the Political Dialogue Forum in the last quarter of the race to submit new proposals, despite their conflict with the road map;  is a futile effort.

Langi stated that the deliberations in Geneva are supposed to be guided by the road map developed by the Political Dialogue Forum, and by Security Council Resolution No. 2570, as well as the resolutions of the Second Berlin Conference.

Langi explained that the presidency of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Libya provided space for obstructionists to raise questions even about the date set for the elections, and there is no doubt that this would return matters to ground zero, i.e. to the first deliberations last November in Tunisia, before the development of the road map that preceded the election of the interim executive authority.

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