For lack of quorum, budge session at Libyan HoR suspended

The Spokesman for the House of Representatives, Abdullah Blehaq, stated that the House of Representatives continued, in its official session Tuesday to deliberate on the draft bill of 2021 budget.

The spokesman said: “After a number of deputies objected to the lack of a quorum to vote on the budget bill; the matter was referred to the Legislative and Constitutional Committee of the House of Representatives, which, in accordance with the Constitutional Declaration and Law No. (04) of 2014, decided that a quorum of 120 votes must be present in approval of the draft budget bill.

He pointed out that the number of members present at Tuesday session amounted to 82, including those who oppose the budget, and added that the session was suspended until after Eid Al-Adha, until the necessary quorum is available to vote on the state budget bill.


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