Public Prosecution charges with murder perpetrators of killing comedian Derbash

The Public Prosecution has launched an investigation into the death of comedian Haitham Derbash and the injury of a number of people in Benghazi.

The investigation procedures, with the knowledge of the Al-Fuwaihat Partial Prosecution, after completing the inspection of the scene of the incident and the apparent discovery of the body of the deceased, ascertained that the death of the victim was due to a person firing a shell that exploded after it fell in a populated neighborhood.

The prosecution said the shrapnel released after the explosion killed Haitham Derbash and caused personal harm to a number of people.

The perpetrator of the crime was arrested, and the Public Prosecution began interrogating him and ended up accusing him of the murder, ordering his pretrial detention pending the case, while investigations into the incident are still ongoing in other aspects, which are being followed up by the Public Prosecution Office.

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