Al-Bilad program discusses threat of ISIS moves in Africa and Delta variant in Libya

“Al-Bilad” program discussed Monday recent movements of ISIS, and what the truth about its presence in southern Libya? In addition to how will the Libyan state face the developments of the Coronavirus?

Sudden activity of ISIS in Africa

The researcher in the affairs of Islamic groups, Munir Adib, says: “Since the announcement of the establishment of the Islamic State on March 22, 2014; The organization’s activities and movements headed to the brown continent, perhaps for many reasons, including the political conflict that strikes most African capitals, and what is happening in Libya is not far away, in addition to the fact that this continent suffers from a weak economic situation, in addition to the fragile regimes of government and the lack of control on the borders, so these organizations move comfortably, Hence, this extremist organization, which fell geographically in the Middle East in Raqqa and Mosul, considered that Africa might be the next destination due to the crumbling political situation in the absence of plans and vision to confront this organization.”

Adib believes that the recent moves of ISIS are consistent with the strength of local and regional organizations such as Boko Haram, for example. This organization announced its allegiance to ISIS in 2014, which gave ISIS greater strength.

Regarding the question of the “Al-Bilad” program about the end of the differences over Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Boko Haram at this time, what are the factors that brought all these together in one trench? Adib said: “These extremist organizations, and perhaps part of their extremism lies in the fact that they consider themselves close to each other and far from the concept of the nation-state, meaning if we see the al-Qaeda jihad organization as an extremist organization, and that ISIS is no less extreme than it, and therefore each of them sees He is closer to himself than a country like Libya.

He adds: “These organizations unite among themselves and dissolve organizational and ideological differences in order to stir up chaos and establish the imagined state according to the orientations of each organization. Soon differences will arise between them, because each organization sees itself as the rightful one.”

Taliban and America


Adib believes that the state society has a great responsibility in confronting these extremist organizations or the so-called black terrorism in the brown continent.

He regrets the support these extremist organizations receive from some countries for narrow political interests. For example, now, the United States of America is withdrawing from Afghanistan after an invasion that lasted 20 years, and the goal of this invasion in 2001 was to eliminate the Taliban movement.

He continues: “Today we are witnessing the exit of the United States and al-Qaeda still present, strong and at the forefront of the jihadist scene, and Afghanistan taking over the reins of power, and this exit indicates that the presence of the United States in Afghanistan was not to eliminate Afghanistan, but rather to support the two extremist organizations “Taliban and al-Qaeda” and its withdrawal now with the aim of creating chaos in This region, and thus hit China, which it considers the first economic powers, and this qualifies it to become the first military powers.”

“The reality confirms that America’s policy with the jihadists has not changed, as many of the American weapons in Afghanistan today are under the control of the Taliban and they have controlled 85% of the land, and despite that, Biden still insists on withdrawing from Afghanistan, all the reports that come to us confirm that Afghanistan It will fall into the hands of the Taliban within six months.” He adds.

Virus War

Ibrahim Al-Daghis, professor of virology at the University of Tripoli, confirmed: “Until this moment; the existence of the Delta strain in Libya has not been scientifically confirmed, but based on indications, including the large number of infected people, it may be said that this strain does exist.”

Al-Daghis believes that the availability of the first doses of the vaccine means going towards preventing the spread of the disease, especially that the availability of these vaccines began in Libya very late, and soon after Eid; the second dose will be available.

He called on the Libyans to maintain the well-known medical directives, which is to wear the muzzle, and the medical scientific directions that must be adhered to during the current stage, including wearing the muzzle and reducing gatherings.


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