Tunisian Labor Union hails popular movements

The Tunisian General Labor Union issued a statement to comment on the exceptional measures taken by Tunisian President Kais Saied, which provides for freezing the work of Parliament and dissolving the government.

Saied’s decisions came in accordance with Article 80 of the constitution in order to prevent the imminent danger and in an effort to return the normal functioning of the state’s wheels and in light of the outbreak of the Covid pandemic.

The National Executive Office of the Tunisian General Labor Union affirmed its keenness on the need to adhere to constitutional legitimacy in any action taken at this stage the country is going through to ensure respect for the constitution, the continuation of the democratic path, the restoration of stability to the country and the restoration of its capacity for construction and progress.

It pointed out that the exceptional measures taken by President Saied should be accompanied by a set of constitutional guarantees, foremost of which is the need to control the objectives of the exceptional measures away from expansion, diligence, and excessive centralization.

The statement stressed the need to specify the duration of the application of the exceptional measures and expedite their termination so that they do not turn into a permanent procedure and return in the short term to normal functioning and state institutions.

It pointed out the importance of ensuring respect for rights and freedoms, including economic and social rights, without division, while resorting to democratic and participatory mechanisms in any political change, within the framework of a clear participatory roadmap that outlines goals, means and a calendar, reassures the people and dispels fears.

The Union expressed its rejection of any party, regardless of its position, position or motive, resorting to violence, and affirmed the absolute rejection of the policy of recovery or settling accounts and ensuring a peaceful exit from this delicate and difficult stage.

The Labor Union saluted the military institution, and called on all parties to distance it from political quarrels and for believing in the nobility and patriotism of this institution and its unconditional adherence to protecting the security of the country and people, in order to preserve the civil state.

The statement stressed the need to review the measures for the judiciary to ensure its independence.

The union valued the peaceful social and popular movements that were launched in many directions and formed a link in the chain of accumulating popular and social struggle in Tunisia.

It condemned the repressive method adopted by the governments towards it, which led to the violation of freedoms and the arrest of many activists, and it almost returned the country to the square of tyranny.

In its statement, the union reminded that the crisis in which the country has deteriorated, the union has already warned of on many occasions and confirmed its assessment in the preamble of the national initiative, and noted that it has reached its maximum today and has reached the point where the wheels of the state are disrupted, its bonds and devices are dismantled, and the social and economic situation has deteriorated.

The people suffering deepens, the disparities between groups and regions have increased, corruption is rampant, public money is looted, and manifestations of inconvenience over the law and its violation of the rule of law in one phase, and the adaptation of legislation and agencies, including the judiciary, in another phase; In the interest of influential lobbies and parties that violated the rights and the country and mortgaged them in a dangerous policy that neglected national sovereignty.

The statement concluded by saying: “It is time to assume responsibilities and end this era that put Tunisia on a tin of fire.”

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