Moscow: ISIS is transferring elements from Libya, Syria to Afghanistan

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu revealed Wednesday, that “ISIS” organization has begun transferring its operatives and fighters from Syria and Libya to Afghanistan.

Shoygu pointed out that the escalation of terrorist activity in Afghanistan came as a result of the American withdrawal, leaving room for what he called “terrorist elements.”

Earlier this month, Russia warned the Taliban overstepped the “border” during its rapid expansion in Afghan territory, which brought it into direct contact with Russian interests after the movement’s control of areas near the border between Afghanistan and the former Soviet republics.

While China confirmed that it had met with Taliban officials, whom the movement sent to negotiate with the Chinese government, after the Taliban imposed its control over dozens of sites in Afghanistan.

A Taliban delegation visited Moscow on July 8 and 9, and met the Russian President’s Special Representative to Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, who is also director of the Second Department of Asia at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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