Libya’s Lawsuits Department wins $165 million worth case against Indian company

The Libyan State Lawsuits Department announced that the efforts of the Cases Department, headed by Counselor Dr. Khalifa Salem Al-Jahmi, has been crowned with another new success in the field of foreign disputes, as the public treasury spared a loss estimated at 165 million US dollars, the value of the compensations demanded by the Indian company Simplex, of the Libyan state in the arbitration lawsuit filed by it in Paris in 2018.

The Lawsuits Department clarified that the Indian company based its “allegations” on what it considered to be Libya’s violation of the provisions of the bilateral treaty for the encouragement and protection of investments signed in 2009, on the occasion of its contract since 2008-2009 to implement 4000 housing units in its facilities in the Qira, Shatti, and Wadi Al-Mejeneen.

The arbitral tribunal issued on 7/23/2021 its decision to end the arbitration procedures for the failure of the claimant company to meet the arbitration costs while obligating it to pay the expenses.

The Department considered that this ruling “reinforces the important role played by the Lawsuits Department management in the field of foreign disputes with the efforts of its loyal personnel, and adds a new gain to the Libyan state in this regard, which requires its support by all means that enable it to continue its role in defending public funds and caring for the public interest.”


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