US State Department warns citizens against traveling to Libya over Coronavirus concerns

The US State Department renewed its travel warning for its citizens to Libya, after the Center for Disease Control issued a Level 4 health notice for Libya because of the high rates of spread of the Coronavirus.

On the security situation in the country; the State Department referred to high levels of crime in Libya, including the threat of kidnapping for ransom, and considered Westerners and American citizens to be targets for these crimes, in addition to the ongoing terrorist activity by extremist groups, which threatened American officials and citizens with the possibility of new confrontations among armed groups without prior warning.

The warning announcement also stated that armed groups sometimes detain travelers arbitrarily, and do not allow them to see a lawyer or take any legal action.

The US government expressed concern about the targeting of commercial transportation in Libya; which made it prohibit commercial flight operations within the country’s airspace, while declaring its inability to provide emergency or routine assistance to its citizens inside Libya; because of the shutdown of its embassy in Tripoli since 2014.

The warning of the US Department of State points out that Libya needs years for stability to return because of the destruction left by wars and conflicts among armed formations, and political divisions that were an obstacle to construction.


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