Body of Zahra Al-Abdali found in a Tarhuna mass grave

Victims for Human Rights Organization revealed that the body of the deceased Zahra Salem Maatouk Al-Abdali has been identified.

The organization said that the tragedy of the victim began in the Tripoli war, noting that the victim was a resident of the capital, specifically in Al-Hadhba project area, along with her husband.

The organization’s statement indicates that at the beginning of the Tripoli war, armed men from Al-Kaniyat attacked Al-Khala area, and after the confrontations intensified; civilians fled their homes. On that day, Zahra’s husband, her neighbor and her neighbor’s daughter were arrested on the pretext of giving information and coordinates to armed groups in Tripoli.

In June 2019; one of the fighters of Al-Kaniyat used her husband’s phone and called the victim, asking her to come to visit her husband. Since she left to visit her husband, contact with her was lost until she was found in the mass graves in the city of Tarhuna, and her identity was determined after completing the forensic work and matching medical data and DNA tests.

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