News of reports on presence of terrorists in Libya’s Al-Wattia base

A document circulating on social media, the authenticity of which 218News has not confirmed, revealed a correspondence from the Interpol office in Tunisia, regarding the intention of 100 terrorist elements present at the Al-Wattia base, to infiltrate Tunisia.

The document, signed by Interior Minister Khaled Mazen, stated: “The head of the Arab and International Criminal Police Office informed us that he was notified according to a letter received from Interpol Tunisia, saying they have information about the intention of about 100 terrorist elements present at the Al-Wattia air base to infiltrate Tunisia.”

In light of the document, the Minister of Interior called for taking the necessary measures and intensifying searches and gathering information; to thwart any plots to carry out any terrorist operations.

It is noteworthy that the media office of the Ministry of Interior have not yet clarified the authenticity of the circulating document.

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