Ankara’s mercenaries turn Al-Wattia base to migration and weapons’ market

“218News” obtained information from inside Al-Wattia Air Base; iindicating hat the mercenaries loyal to Turkey in there are having difficult financial conditions, and that there is a delay in the arrival of funds, intentionally and unintentionally, by the Turkish operations room.

An informed source stated that the mercenaries have recently resorted to disposing of weapons and ammunition through a person who receives and sells them then transfers the money iinto foreign currencies.

According to the information, some of the mercenaries inside the base are resentful of the conditions in which they live, and they are working on illegal immigration to reach Europe, and fleeing the situation in which Turkey put them, when it brought them from Syria to fight alongside the armed formations in Tripoli.

It is noteworthy that the process of mercenaries coming to Libya took place after the Berlin conference held in January 2020. Turkey, after it pushed its drones and its military operations room; it is establishing air bridges between military bases and airports in Turkey, linking it with the Misurata and Mitiga military bases.

Now, mercenaries sell arms and ammunition due to the delay in the arrival of funds and their low value, which was previously revealed by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that more than once revealed very big differences within the Syrian factions that came to earn money, nothing more.

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