National Commission for Human Rights condemns Tripoli clashes

The National Human Rights Commission in Libya condemned the armed clashes that took place at the headquarters of the Administrative Control Authority in the center of the capital, Tripoli, on Tuesday afternoon, considering that this represented a disregard for the lives of civilians, intimidation of the population and endangering their lives and the lives of the employees of the Authority.

The Commission called on the Office of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Interior in the Government of National Unity to open a comprehensive investigation into the armed clashes and to bring those responsible to justice to ensure that they do not occur in the future.

The Commission considered that renewed violence from time to time in several places in the country is a failure of the Presidential Council and the government to provide protection for civilians, calling for restructuring and reforming the security sector through the dismantling of armed groups.

It also renewed its call for the International Sanctions Committee for Libya to implement Security Council Resolutions No. 2174, 2259, 2570 and 2571, which stipulate the prosecution of anyone who plans, directs or commits acts that violate international law or human rights in Libya.

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