Turkish aircraft heading to Al-Wattia base: Mobilization at a crucial time

Itamilradar website has monitored the flight of two Airbus A400M aircraft number 17-0080 – code TUAF221 and number 15-0051 – code TUAF220 above average.

The two planes flew from Ankara, on a flight over the Mediterranean, bound for western Libya. It is likely that the final destination of this trip is Al-Wattia base.

These moves come in conjunction with the statements of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in which he affirmed Turkey’s adherence to maintaining its military presence in Libya, at a time when the file of the “Libyan-Turkish” military agreements has become sensitive, with the Libyan government ignoring any discussion raised about it.

On the other hand, political parties in Libya insist on the need to resolve the file of Turkish military interference and mercenaries, before holding the elections at the end of the year, and put it as a main condition for the launch of the electoral process, in addition to international and international calls to ensure the safety of the elections from any external interference.


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