Security Council votes on extending mandate of UN mission in Libya

The United Nations Security Council will vote, in its session Tuesday, on a draft resolution to renew the mandate of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, and to extend its mandate for an additional year.

According to sources in the Security Council, the position of the General Coordinator will be abolished and the position of the United Nations Special Envoy will be retained, with the condition of his presence in Tripoli to work on mediation between the Libyan and regional parties, and the appointment of two deputies, one for political affairs and the other for humanitarian affairs.

The mission will be entrusted with the issue of monitoring the implementation of the road map emanating from the political dialogue forum; leading to the December 24 elections, and sending a mission to monitor the ceasefire agreement.

The resolution recommends the United Nations mission to strengthen and intensify its efforts to engage with neighboring countries to withdraw foreign forces from Libya, and the need to plan for the disarmament, demobilization or reintegration of armed groups, and to stop the flow of armed groups and mercenaries.

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