HoR withdraws confidence from Libya’s unity government: Fears of Uncertainty

The House of Representatives voted to withdraw confidence from the Government of National Unity headed by Abdel Hamid Dabaiba, during its session on Tuesday, with 89 votes out of 113 members present, as 45 members had previously submitted a request to withdraw confidence from the government on the 14th of September.

The House of Representatives, at that time, said it would consider this request, eight days after its submission, according to the law.

The correspondent of “2218News” in Tobruk reported that there is a talk at the Parliament about activating Article 194 of the internal laws, which considers the unity government a caretaker government.

The member of the House of Representatives, Miftah Al-Shaeri, told “218News” that, with this step, the parliament withdrew the powers from the Prime Minister, indicating their intention to hold a session next week; to discuss the formation of a caretaker government, while Parliament spokesman Abdullah Belhaq said that the government will continue to conduct its daily business as a caretaker government.

For his part, MP Abdel Moneim Balkour confirmed to “218News” that withdrawing confidence from the government requires 87 votes, and the organizing regulations impose a secret ballot mechanism, so this did not happen in Tuesday session, pointing out that there are violations that threaten the credibility of the decision to withdraw confidence.

He added: “I did not vote to withdraw confidence from the government because there were no real reasons for me to do so. We agreed during Monday session to form committees to monitor the government’s work, and today we were surprised by the vote to withdraw confidence, which plunged the country into a crisis.”

On the fate of the political process; Balkour said that the best expected scenario is “the government’s continuation of business and its liberation from the decisions of Parliament,” adding that the parliament may assign a new prime minister as well.

In the first official reaction of the High Council of State to the House of Representatives’ withdrawal of confidence from the government; the official spokesman of the Council, Mohammad bin Nasser, announced the rejection of the procedures of withdrawing confidence from the government, describing these procedures as “void and in violation of the constitutional declaration and the political agreement, and all that they entail is void.”

In the context of the reactions caused by the decision, a member of the High Council of State, Abul-Qasim Qazeit, said that the decision was correct, but the mechanism that was followed is wrong and will aggravate the situation further, as he described it.

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