Itamilradar: Turkey is facilitating air bridge to Al-Wattia base in Libya

The Italian “Itamilradar” website, which specializes in monitoring air traffic, monitored Turkey’s flight of two military planes towards Al-Wattia military base in the west of Libya.

The website indicated that the two planes of the Turkish Air Force, one of them, an Airbus A400M, took off from the Turkish city of Kayseri, while the second plane took off from Istanbul Airport (reg. 17-0080 – callign TUAF221), where they headed to the Al-Wattia base under Turkish control.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish authorities have increased the frequency of their military flights towards Al-Wattia base in what appears to be a military air bridge, in defiance of UN resolutions imposing an arms embargo on the country subject to Article VII of the United Nations Charter, and it also raises questions about Turkey’s seriousness in fulfilling its international obligations and commitments to withdraw its forces and mercenaries from the country.

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