Source to 218News: Turkey, US discuss situation in Libya

A source revealed to “218News” the scenes of the technical meetings held by the Turkish delegation, led by officials of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense, on the sidelines of the United Nations meetings in New York, regarding Libya, coordinating visions on the schedule of the withdrawal of foreign forces, and monitoring developments in light of the warnings of unusual activity of Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

The Turkish delegation held talks with the US Deputy Secretary of State, during which they talked about the American understanding of the Turkish presence in Libya. The Turkish side focused on promoting the idea that its presence in Libya is a safety valve for all NATO countries, and that its presence in regional waters contributed to limiting immigration and smuggling of arms and oil.

A kind of understanding and harmony prevailed during the meeting of the Turkish delegation with its Italian counterpart, where the visions of the two parties coincided that the Turkish forces in Tripoli, Al-Wattia and Al-Khums are subject to the understandings of the Italian mission in Misrata itself, and that they are present in Libya as an urgent necessity imposed by security conditions, based on official agreements.

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