Libya, Egypt sign airport security protocol

The Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Salama Al-Ghwail, announced the signing of a protocol between the holding company for EgyptAir on the one hand, and the Libyan and African airliners on the other, for cooperation in the field of civil aviation security.

The protocol came on the basis of the memorandum of understanding signed by the government with its Egyptian counterpart within what the Minister called the rights and duties of the Egyptian state experts who are authorized to follow up procedures to ensure the security of Libyan international airports, as it gave them wide-range powers to re-inspect luggage, bags, plane meals and freight parcels, and to give enforceable instructions for the interests of Libyan aviation, regarding the security aspect.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian authorities had allowed the landing of Libyan planes at Cairo International Airport, after banning them for five years. Flights were directed exclusively to Borg El Arab Airport in Alexandria, in light of the improvement of relations between the two countries.

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