Menfi calls for consensus among candidates on legal framework before elections

The Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, expressed his intention to urge the candidates in the upcoming elections not to participate, unless there is a consensus among them on the legal framework for voting, and the acceptance of the results.

“The consensus aims to ensure the conduct of the presidential and parliamentary elections as planned in advance, and to be completed on December 24,” Reuters news agency quoted Menfi as saying.

Menfi indicated that the ambiguity of the scene regarding the elections and the next stage is a danger in itself, adding that the problem is not only legal, but also political.

He believes that the legal basis for the elections must have the consensus of both Parliament and the State Council, in addition to their commitment to the part related to the electoral law and the constitutional rule.

At the conclusion of his statements, the Head of the Presidential Council stressed the need to sacrifice in the event of incompatibility, by removing the candidates, including the Head of the Presidential Council, from applying to the next elections, stressing his keenness not to interfere, provided that the political and legislative bodies agree on the legal framework regulating the electoral process.

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