NOC: Raise of oil prices in world markets increased Libyan revenues

The National Oil Corporation announced that the net revenues for August 2021 amounted to $1,836,528,515.27 from crude oil sales, while gas and condensate revenues amounted to $53,034,403.37.

The National Oil Corporation also achieved net revenues of oil products 53,309,951.24 dollars, and petrochemicals revenues amounted to 3,125,844.34 dollars.

Thus, the total net revenue from oil sales in US dollars has reached 1,947,998,714.22 dollars.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sanalla, attributed the current profits to the rise in international oil prices, stressing that this rise requires commitment to modernization and development and playing a technical role away from politics.

Sanalla thanked the Prime Minister and his cabinet for their continuous support to the NOC, and stressed the continuation of work in order to maintain the continuity of exports.

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