Al-Shaab to 218News: HoR will surely adopt HNEC technical amendments

A member of the High National Elections Commission, Abdul Hakim Al-Shaab, said that he is sure that the House of Representatives will reconsider its decision, in which it refused to introduce technical amendments proposed by the Commission to the President’s Election Law.

Al-Shaab confirmed in a statement to “218News” that the door to accepting candidacy for the presidential elections will be opened as soon as the formation of the medical committee that will grant a certificate of health fitness to each candidate, and the legal committee formed by the Supreme Judicial Council, which will decide on electoral appeals.

He added that the period of time between opening the door for candidacy and holding the elections will not exceed one month, expressing his hope that the elections will be achieved on schedule on December 24, despite the limited time.

It is worth noting that the House of Representatives approved the two laws for election of the president and the House of Representatives, amid the commission’s request to introduce technical amendments to the approved texts, and the High State Council’s objection to what it called a unilateral adoption of laws, without involving it in their formulation; which prompted international parties to urge consensus for the success of the upcoming December elections.

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