Al-Gotrani criticizes Libyan PM’s decisions, says government “acting as a dictatorship”

First Deputy Prime Minister Hussein Al-Gotrani criticized Prime Minister, Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, saying that the government’s presidency did not unify institutions, make a fair distribution of wealth, and rise to the level of national responsibility.

Al-Gotrani added in a statement on behalf of Cyrenaica officials in the unity government, that the presidency took place in individual dictatorship and personal accounts, and weakened institutional work, in addition to its issuance of individual decisions and its failure to manage the difference.

In the final statement of the meeting, which was called by Al-Gotrani on behalf of officials of Cyrenaica, he said the Presidency of the Government issued decisions that infringe on the competencies of some ministers, and did not express its commitment to specifying the tasks of the Deputy Prime Ministers.

The Deputy Prime Minister deplored Dbeibah’s inflexibility by keeping the defense portfolio and not naming a defense minister, adding that his mismanagement may be a result of the presence of some members of his family around him, in addition to his lack of administrative experience.

Al-Gotrani condemned what the statement described as irresponsible media statements by the Prime Minister that increase division and discord among the people of the country, calling on Dbeibah to take the necessary corrective measures to avoid any escalation.

The statement of Cyrenaica officials, headed by the Deputy Prime Minister, stressed the opening of electronic clearing and activating all the terms of the political agreement in a way that guarantees the rights of all regions, stressing in this regard, the need for ensuring the rights of the Libyan people in a fair manner and the continuation of consensus and respect for institutions at the required level.

Al-Gotrani said that he tried to advise Dbeibah repeatedly, as the head of the Libyan government, which came in difficult circumstances, but to no avail.

He warned of the inability of all institutions in Cyrenaica to perform their duties as a result of the division of some offices and the abolition of some bodies, saying there were calls for activating the separation from the government and forming a new government, but he refused, in order to preserve the political agreement and for fear of returning to square one.

Al-Gotrani added: “We must be responsible and show the international community that we demand our rights and have no desire to stop airports or close oil,” saying that all the information indicates that elections will not take place on time.

Speaking about the division of the country’s general budget, he added that the government spent more than 48 billion and allocated 2.5 billion to Cyrenaica, which is still ink on paper and has not been spent so far, saying that the government’s presidency issued nearly 400 decisions, most of which did not pass him as Deputy Prime Minister.

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