NCHRL welcomes action plan by 5+5 JMC to remove mercenaries from Libya

The National Human Rights Committee in Libya welcomed the signing of a comprehensive action plan by the “5 + 5” Joint Military Commission (JMC) for the gradual withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign forces from all Libyan territories, appreciating the efforts of the JMC, in implementing the full terms of the ceasefire agreement since its signing in last October.

The Committee said in a statement posted on Facebook that the withdrawal of foreign forces and mercenaries represents a positive step within the framework of implementing the entire provisions of the ceasefire agreement, on the one hand, and contributes to creating an appropriate and conducive environment for holding presidential and parliamentary elections.

It congratulated the efforts of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, which were made within the framework of supporting the JMC, calling for the start of the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of armed groups, in order to ensure the achievement of peace and stability in Libya.

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