5 foreign embassies call for holding Libyan elections on time

In a joint statement, the embassies of the United States, Britain, France, Germany and Italy urged all actors in Libya to ensure comprehensive, free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections, on schedule on December 24, and according to the roadmap set for them at the Libyan Dialogue Forum in Tunis in November of Last year, which was confirmed in Security Council Resolution 2570, considering it an essential step in achieving greater stability and unification of the country, so that its results must be respected by all.

The statement considered that the parliament’s approval of the election law last September and the preparations made by the commission on the way to the elections are important steps towards holding the elections on time, and all parties should recognize that the time has come to launch and complete the electoral framework, welcoming the government’s actions in this regard, especially Providing sufficient funding for the High National Elections Commission, in addition to the various security preparations, indicating the readiness of the countries of these embassies to support the Libyan authority, at its request, in organizing the elections.

The statement commended the willingness of the Libyan parties to turn the page on conflicts, and to take serious steps towards unifying Libyan institutions and ending the stages of political transition, calling on all actors to fully comply with Security Council sanctions, including sanctions against those who violate the arms embargo, cease-fire, or threaten peace and stability in Libya. or undermining political transition, including by undermining scheduled elections.

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