Al-Qatrani warns of elections failure, says option of “parallel government” is unlikely

First Deputy Prime Minister Hussein Al-Qatrani said that he is not seeking to form a parallel government in the eastern region, pointing out that it is very possible to seek to change the government, based on his contacts with officials in the west and south in particular.

In his speech to officials and notables of the eastern region, Al-Qatrani added, on Saturday, that Prime Minister Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba lacks administrative experience and that his decision is not in his hands, explaining that these statements do not challenge the person of the prime minister.

Al-Qatrani demanded that Dabaiba speaks in a statement to respond to his previous statement, in which he demanded the rights of the eastern region, accompanied by government officials, mayors and elites of the region. The international community is talking about the date of December 24, but it has not talked about what comes after and who will accept the election results and guarantees.

The Deputy Prime Minister continued: “All the data indicate that there are no elections, due to the lack of understanding between the parliament and the High Council of State, which puts Al-Sayeh in an embarrassing position.

Al-Qatrani held Dabaiba responsible for not visiting Benghazi, in response to a question by the US Assistant Secretary of State, adding that Dabaiba did not arrange the correct arrangement for the visit, and did not coordinate with him as his first deputy.

In response to the US State Department’s question about the delay in approving the budget, the Deputy Prime Minister replied: “The first reason is the prime minister who presented a pre-thought-out budget to the Al-Sarraj government, and the second reason is the inflexibility of the HoR members.”

Al-Qatrani spoke with officials in the city of Al-Zawiya about Major General Amer Al-Jaqam, who was detained in the city, indicating that they had requested the release of women in exchange for Al-Jaqam’s release, and that he had contacted the General Command in particular and that it was subject to discussion.

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