New details revealed about plan to withdraw foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya

International pressure is increasing towards the expulsion of mercenaries and foreign fighters from Libya, as military sources revealed the imminent announcement of an official plan to evacuate them, according to Al Bayan newspaper.

Preliminary information indicates that the unveiling of the plan will be part of the activities of the Libya Stability Conference to be held next Thursday, in the capital, Tripoli.

The plan begins with assembling mercenaries and foreign fighters in 4 specific centers, in early November, in preparation for their evacuation, and priority will be given to mercenaries, while no specific dates or numbers of targeted fighters have been revealed.

218News had obtained the details of the plan for the expulsion of foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya, which was prepared by members of the 5+5 Military Commission and representatives of the sponsoring countries of the Berlin Conference.

The plan states that starting first from the lines of contact, each party will withdraw foreign forces to agreed points in two specific cities, implementation of the outcomes of the ceasefire agreement.

In the second step; International observers will be called, who will enter Libya under international supervision, and they will work with local observers to implement the plan established in Geneva, which requires a gradual, balanced and simultaneous evacuation. This point was written unanimously by the members of the committee, and a telegram was sent to the United Nations and Security Council.

The third stage includes the initiation by the observers of the process of monitoring the real numbers of foreign forces and mercenaries in Libya and properly documenting them, away from estimates, in order to start developing the remaining details of the evacuation.

In the fourth and final step; mercenaries are deported from Libya in successive batches, according to a specific time map, the details of which have not yet been revealed.

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