UK investigation reopens British officer’s killing case against a Gaddafi aide

The case of the murder of British policewoman, Yvonne Fletcher, comes to the surface, four years after the lawsuit against Saleh Ibrahim Al-Mabrouk, a former aide to Gaddafi, was dropped, for lack of evidence, after he was accused of participating in the killing of “Fletcher”, who was killed by a bullet fired from the Libyan embassy during a protest against “Gaddafi” in front of the embassy building in 1984.

The case was raised again, after John Murray, a former colleague of Fletcher, announced that new evidence had been presented to the court proving the involvement of “Al Mabrouk” in the incident.

Al-Mabrouk, who returned to Libya, is not expected to appear before the court, but the trial will take place in absentia for three days, before the judge in charge decides whether Al-Mabrouk was involved in the shooting or not.

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