Libyan Electoral Commission rejects High Council of State’s elections’ objections

An official source from the High Electoral Commission said that the commission had not received any communications from the High Council of State, which demanded not to adopt the election laws.

The official explained that the commission cannot refuse or the like, (as disputes between political parties can be settled before the judiciary, and that the commission cannot implement such demands even if they are officially received from the High Council of State only).

The official at the High Electoral Commission stressed that the door for candidacy for elections should be opened on the first of November, in order to hold the elections on their scheduled date at the end of the year on 24 December.

The “official”, whose name was not disclosed, added, during an interview with the Russian Sputnik news agency, that (until today, the date on which he will announce the opening of candidacy for elections, especially since the commission has not received the amendments it requested from the House of Representatives on the electoral laws), explaining that the amendments requested by the deputies are not substantial and most of them were approved by parliament, while the parliament is expected to send the amendments to the commission during this week.

The official indicated that the commission is also awaiting the formation of the special committee to consider appeals against the candidates’ record, and that the commission addressed the Supreme Judicial Council in order to form the committee, and that the period for considering appeals is 14 days after closing the candidacy door.

The source revealed to the Russian news agency that the press conference, which will be held on 24 October in Tripoli, will address the details of the voters, the lists, the voter card, the date of its delivery, and everything that has been completed in the past period. It will also refer to the process of opening the door for candidacy without specifying the date.

The source also revealed the truth of the information that was circulated regarding the possibility of postponing the elections, and explained that the team of experts of the UN mission is constantly following up with the Commission all the arrangements it is making, but it has not yet addressed the possibility of postponing the elections, as well as with regard to diplomatic missions in Tripoli, where they did not discuss any diplomatic mission file to postpone the elections.

It should be noted that the High Council of State had earlier demanded the High Electoral Commission to suspend the election laws approved by Parliament in the east of the country, until consensus on them, considering that they came in violation of the political agreement and the constitutional declaration, noting that the House of Representatives insisted on continuing to ignore the political agreement.

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