Al-Koni says Tarhuna mass graves similar to those found in Rwanda and Bosnia

The Member of the Presidential Council, Mossa Al-Koni, considered the mass graves in Tarhuna a crime against humanity that Libya had never seen before, as the city was subjected to genocide and criminal operations, which turned it into a mass grave, as he described it.

In a press conference in Tripoli, Al-Koni ruled out forming special courts for suspects, or declaring the city a disaster, leaving the matter to the ordinary judiciary to decide after resolving the issue of overlapping jurisdiction between the Office of the Attorney General and the Military Prosecutor.

Al-Koni criticized the slow pace of excavations and excavations of mass graves, which he expected to be 17, comparing mass graves to their counterparts in Rwanda and Bosnia and Herzegovina, revealing a request for international assistance in the framework of the detection and DNA matching of the exhumed bodies, praising the relatives of victims who did not fall behind the calls for revenge.

Al-Koni rejected the politicization of the Tarhuna mass graves issue at a sensitive stage in which the country is heading toward general elections, stressing the formation of a joint operations room to pursue the suspects, after the Public Prosecutor issued international prosecution warrants against those who fled abroad, calling on the government to support the efforts and provide the capabilities that ensure the performance of the room’s tasks.

Meanwhile, Al-Koni criticized the exclusion of political parties from participating in the electoral process, which will lead to the production of a non-agreeable parliament, as he described it.

It is worth noting that Al-Koni, before the press conference, had met with representatives of a number of humanitarian organizations working in Libya, during which he stressed the need for solidarity to find a solution to the humanitarian crises in the country, especially the crisis of illegal immigrants.

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